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Services Overview

Our capabilities span across a broad spectrum of science, engineering, and health disciplines and we are heavily invested in maintaining highly multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research activities. Our core of faculty, research faculty, postdoctoral scientists, and students is dedicated to sustaining UT’s R&D environment. We vigorously integrate teaching, training, outreach, and diversity throughout all of our research programs.

Ordering services and processing invoices is done through the online software, Stratocore

DNA Sequencing

The CEB partners with the Office of Research, Innovation & Economic Development’s Core Facility Program to provide UT faculty, staff, and students access to state-of-the-art equipment and training. As a shared user facility, we also provide access to a large inventory of basic laboratory equipment and bench space. Whatever you may need to succeed in your research, CEB personnel are here to assist you.


The Bioinformatics Resource Center provides bioinformatics and DNA sequence analysis support to the UT research community.

Micro/Macroscopic Imaging

The Bioimaging Core Facility provides access to macroscopic and microscopic resources to enable imaging from whole animals to individual cells.