Real-time Bioluminescent Tracking of Cellular Population Dynamics


Dan Close, Tingling Xu, Steven Ripp, Gary Sayler


Cellular population dynamics are routinely monitored across many diverse fields for a variety of purposes. In general, these dynamics are assayed either through the direct counting of cellular aliquots followed by extrapolation to the total population size, or through the monitoring of signal intensity from any number of externally stimulated reporter proteins. While both viable methods, here we describe a novel technique that allows for the automated, non-destructive tracking of cellular population dynamics in real-time. This method, which relies on the detection of a continuous bioluminescent signal produced through expression of the bacterial luciferase gene cassette, provides a low cost, low time-intensive means for generating additional data compared to alternative methods.

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Close D, Xu T, Ripp S, Sayler G. 2014. Real-time bioluminescent tracking of cellular population dynamics, p. 107-116. In Badr CE (ed.), Methods in Molecular Biology, Bioluminescent Imaging, vol. 1098. Humana Press, New York, NY.