Purification Effect of Sequential Constructed Wetland for the Polluted Water in Urban River


Xueyuan Bai, Xianfang Zhu, Haibo Jiang, Zhongqiang Wang, Chunguang He, Lianxi Sheng, Jie Zhuang


Constructed wetlands can play an active role in improving the water quality of urban rivers. In this study, a sequential series system of the floating-bed constructed wetland (FBCW), horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland (HSFCW), and surface flow constructed wetland (SFCW) were constructed for the urban river treatment in the cold regions of North China, which gave full play to the combined advantages. In the Yitong River, the designed capacity and the hydraulic loading of the system was 100 m3/d and 0.10 m3/m2d, respectively. The hydraulic retention time was approximately 72 h. The monitoring results, from April to October in 2016, showed the multiple wetland ecosystem could effectively remove chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen (NH4+-N), total nitrogen (TN), total phosphate (TP), and suspended solids (SS) at average removal rates of 74.79%, 80.90%, 71.12%, 78.44%, and 91.90%, respectively. The removal rate of SS in floating-bed wetland was the largest among all the indicators (80.24%), which could prevent the block of sub-surface flow wetland effectively. The sub-surface flow wetland could remove the NH4-N, TN, and TP effectively, and the contribution rates were 79.20%, 64.64%, and 81.71%, respectively. The surface flow wetland could further purify the TN and the removal rate of TN could reach 23%. The total investment of this ecological engineering was $12,000. The construction cost and the operation cost were $120 and $0.02 per ton of polluted water, which was about 1/3 to 1/5 and 1/6 to 1/3 of the conventional sewage treatment, respectively. The results of this study provide a technical demonstration of the restoration of polluted water in urban rivers in northern China.

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Bai XY, Zhu XF, Jiang HB, Wang ZQ, He CG, Sheng LX, Zhuang J.2020. Purification effect of sequential constructed wetland for the polluted water in urban river. Water 12.