Microfluidics-based Separation of actinium-225 from radium-225 for Medical Applications


Sandra M. Davern, David O’Neil, Hannah HAllikainen, Kathleen O’Neil, Steve Allman, Larry Millet, Scott Retterer, Mitchel Doktycz, Robert F. Standaert, Rose Boll, Shelley Van Cleve, David DePaoli, Saed Mirzadeh


Separation of ²²⁵Ra (t1/2 = 15 d) from its daughter isotope ²²⁵Ac (t1/2 = 10 d) is necessary to obtain pure ²²⁵Ac for cancer alpha-therapy. In this study, microscale separation of ²²⁵Ra from its daughter ²²⁵Ac using BioRad AG50X4 cation exchange resin was achieved with good reproducibility across microdevices, and ≥90% purity was achieved for ²²⁵Ac, which is comparable to conventional chromatography. These results indicate the potential for greater use of microfluidics for biomedical radiochemistry. The modularity of the system and its compatibility with different resins allows for quick and easy adaptation to the various needs of a separation campaign.

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Davern S, O’Neil D, Hallikainen H, O’Neil K, Allman S, Millet L, Retterer S, Doktycz M, Standaert R, Boll R, Van Cleve S, DePaoli D, Mirzadeh S. 2019. Microfluidics-based separation of actinium-225 from radium-225 for medical applications. Separation Science and Technology 54:1994-2002.