Micro/Macroscopic Imaging

Bioimaging Core Facility

Service Overview

The CEB’s Bioimaging Core Facility provides cutting-edge microscopic/macroscopic imaging and flow cytometry/cell sorting instrumentation to the university community to enable superior research and quality result outcomes.

Our equipment inventory consists of a wide array of microscopes, multimode (fluorescence/bioluminescence) microtiter plate (1-1536 well) readers, a BD FACSAria fluorescence-activated cell sorter/flow cytometer, and an in vitro/in vivo IVIS fluorescence/bioluminescence imaging system. We provide education, training, and assistance with data analysis to ensure that your research and development needs are optimally met.

Micro/Macroscopic Imaging Applications

  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • Fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging
  • In vitro imaging (1 – 1536 well microtiter plates, tissue culture plates, etc.)
  • In vivo small animal imaging
  • In planta imaging
  • Ex vivo imaging (organs, organoids, tissues, etc.)

Animal Use

All animal use within our facility must have approval by the UT Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)


The CEB Bioimaging Core Facility is located in room 720 of the Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF).

Training Schedule

We provide training on all our imaging equipment either on a one-to-one basis, or we can accommodate complete labs or departments. General training sessions are provided at the beginning of each spring, fall, and summer semester and are open to faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, technical personnel, and undergraduate and high school students participating in independent research projects. We also offer training at various times throughout each semester based on user needs. Other training sessions will be posted as needs dictate. Please contact us if you require training at any other time during the year.


The Bioimaging Core Facility will provide users with quantitative fluorescent and bioluminescent images for downstream analysis or publication in all standard formats. High-throughput imaging can be performed in up to 1536-well formats with temperature and CO2/O2 atmospheric control. Flow cytometry includes single cell sorting.


Cost/Pricing DetailsInternal University of Tennessee UserExternal academic userExternal non-academic user
 IVIS Lumina K Imaging Unassisted $23/hr $38/hr $38/hr
 IVIS Lumina K Imaging Assisted $84/hr $129/hr $139/hr
 FACSAria Flow Cytometry Unassisted $61/hr $93/hr $101/hr
 FACSAria Flow Cytometry Assisted $140/hr $214/hr $231/hr
 Varioskan LUX Plate Reader Imaging $21/test $32/test $35/test
 EVOS M5000 microscopic imaging $10/hr $15/hr $27/hr

Please direct any questions regarding our imaging capabilities, requests for training, or scheduling on any of our instruments to:

Larry Millet

E-mail: lmillet1@utk.edu

Phone: 865-974-8369

Steven Ripp

E-mail: saripp@utk.edu

Phone: 865-974-9605