Metagenomes of Microbial Communities in Arsenic- and Pathogen-Contaminated Well and Surface Water from Bangladesh


Alice C. Layton, Archana Chauhan, Daniel E. Williams, Brian Mailloux, Peter S. K. Knappett, Andrew S. Ferguson, Larry D. McKay, M. Jahangir Ajam, Kazi Matin Ahmen, Alexander can Geen, Gary S. Sayler


The contamination of drinking water from both arsenic and microbial pathogens occurs in Bangladesh. A general metagenomic survey of well water and surface water provided information on the types of pathogens present and may help elucidate arsenic metabolic pathways and potential assay targets for monitoring surface-to-ground water pathogen transport.

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Layton AC, Chauhan A, Williams DE, Mailloux B, Knappett PSK, Ferguson AS, McKay LD, Alam MJ, Matin Ahmed K, van Geen A, Sayler GS. 2014. Metagenomes of microbial communities in arsenic- and pathogen-contaminated well and surface water from Bangladesh. Genome Announcements 2:doi 10.1128/genomeA.01170-14.