Draft Genome Sequences of Ten Strains of the Genus Exiguobacterium


Tatiana Vishnivetskaya, Archana Chauhan, Alice C. Layton, Susan M. Pfiffner, Marcel Huntemann, Alex Copeland, Amy Chen Nikos C. Kyrpides, Victor M. Markowitz, Krishna Palaniappan, Natalia Ivanova, Natalia Mikhailova, Galina Ovchinnikova, Evan W. Andersen, Amrita Pati, Dimitrios Stammats, T. B. K. Reddy, Nicole Shapiro, Henrik P. Nordber, Michael N. Cantor, X. Susan Hue, Tanja Woyke


High-quality draft genome sequences were determined for 10 Exiguobacterium strains in order to provide insight into their evolutionary strategies for speciation and environmental adaptation. The selected genomes include psychrotrophic and thermophilic species from a range of habitats, which will allow for a comparison of metabolic pathways and stress response genes.

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Vishnivetskaya T, Chauhan A, Layton A, Pfiffner S, Huntemann M, Copeland A, Chen A, Kyrpides NC, Markowitz V, Palaniappan K, Ivanova NN, Mikhailova N, Ovchinnikova G, Andersen EW, Pati S, Stamatis D, Reddy TBK, Shapiro N, Nordberg HP, Cantor MN, Hua XS, Woyke T.2014. Draft genome sequences of ten strains of the genus Exiguobacterium. Genome Announcements 2:e01058-01014.