Draft Genome Sequence of Thalassotalea sp. Strain ND16A Isolated from Eastern Mediterranean Sea Water Collected from a Depth of 1,055 Meters


Savannah C. Sterling, Stephen M. Techtmann, Sagar M. Utturkar, Noor K. Alshibli, Steven D. Brown, Terry C. Hazen


Thalassotalea sp. strain ND16A belongs to the family Colwelliaceae and was isolated from eastern Mediterranean Sea water at a depth of 1,055 m. Members of Colwelliaceae are ubiquitous marine heterotrophs. Here, we report the draft genome sequence of Thalassotalea sp. strain ND16A, a member of the newly described genus Thalassotalea.

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Stelling SC, Techtmann SM, Utturkar SM, Alshibli NK, Brown SD, Hazen TC. 2014. Draft genome sequence of Thalassotalea sp. strain ND16A isolated from Eastern Mediterranean sea water collected from a depth of 1,055 meters. Genome Announcements 2:doi 10.1128/genomeA.01231-14.