Draft Genome Sequence of Antarctic Methanogen Enriched from Dry Valley Permafrost


Joy Buongiorno, Jordan T. Bird, Kirill Krivushin, Victoria Oshurkova, Victoria Shcherbakova, Elizaveta M. Rivkina, Karen G. Lloyd, Tatiana A. Vishnivetskaya


A genomic reconstruction belonging to the genus Methanosarcina was assembled from metagenomic data from a methane-producing enrichment of Antarctic permafrost. This is the first methanogen genome reported from permafrost of the Dry Valleys and can help shed light on future climate-affected methane dynamics.

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Buongiorno J, Bird JT, Krivushin K, Oshurkova V, Shcherbakova V, Rivkina EM, Lloyd KG, Vishnivetskaya TA.2016. Draft genome sequence of Antarctic methanogen enriched from dry valley permafrost. Genome Announcements 4:e01362-16.