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Next-Gen Illumina Sequencing

The CEB provides high-throughput next-generation sequencing services to all interested on-campus and off-campus researchers. Sequencing is performed using the Illumina MiSeq instrument located in the Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF).

The Illumina MiSeq platform can yield up to 15 Gb of DNA sequence in a single run. Applications include genome sequencing, 16S metagenomics, and RNA sequencing, as well as custom amplicon sequencing. A project consultation with Veronica Brown (865-974-8075), Dan Williams (865-974-8072), and/or Dominique Joyner (865-974-7658) is required prior to use to explain our services and expectations.

DNA Samples and Data Output

All clients must provide high-quality DNA (3 – 5 µg) for sequencing at a minimum concentration >40 ng/µl as measured by a fluorometer. CEB staff will further prepare the DNA for sequencing. Currently, using standard protocols, our DNA preparation and sequencing run takes a minimum of five days. At current computing capacity, processing data files requires at least 20 man-hours. Data analysis needs can be discussed at the initial project consultation.

A DNA submission form can be downloaded here: MiSeq Submission Form


It is strongly recommended that the cost of sequencing be included in your research proposals. CEB staff can work with you on defining your needs. The current pricing structure for a standard MiSeq sequencing project for a UT affiliate is as follows:

Rates for Illumina Library Preparation

Amplicon library preparation – $77

Library Type TruSeq Cost Nextera Cost
DNA (Paired end only) N/A $384
RNA $412 N/A

Rates for MiSeq Sequencing

MiSeq Sequencing Kit Approximate Sequence Size Cost
2 x 150 bp (V2) 2 – 5 Gb $1,991
2 x 250 bp (V2) 5 – 8 Gb $2,216
2 x 75 bp (V3) 1 – 3 Gb $1,867
2 x 300 bp (V3) 8 – 12 Gb $2,890

The pricing structure may be modified in the future as new methods and applications become available. Pricing for non-UT affiliated users are available upon request.


For further information on applications and pricing, please contact Veronica Brown at or 865-974-8075.


For assistance with Illumina data processing:

The CEB Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC) provides access to computational resources and expert advice for assembling and analyzing illumina data.  The BRC is located in SERF 736.  Contact Robert Murdoch at or 865-974-8075 for more information.

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