Biotechnological Advances in Luciferase Enzymes


Andrew Kirkpatrick, Tingting Xu, Steven Ripp, Gary S. Sayler, Dan Close


This chapter explores the history of the bioengineering advances that have been applied to common luciferase enzymes and the improvements that have been accomplished by this work. The primary focus is placed on firefly luciferase (FLuc), Gaussia luciferase (GLuc), Renilla luciferase (RLuc), Oplophorus luciferase (OLuc; NanoLuc), and bacterial luciferase (Lux). Beginning with the cloning and exogenous expression of each enzyme, their step-wise modifications are presented and the new capabilities endowed by each incremental advancement are highlighted. Using the historical basis of this information, the chapter concludes with a prospective on the overall impact these advances have had on scientific research and provides an outlook on what capabilities future advances could unlock.

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Kirkpatrick A, Xu T, Ripp S, Sayler G, Close D. 2019. Biotechnological advances in luciferase enzymes. InSuzuki H (ed.), Bioluminescence-Analytical Applications and Basic Biology 10.5772/intechopen.85313. IntechOpen, London, UK.