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Bioinformatics Guides and Tutorials

About the UT DNAStar Lasergene Site License


Installation and use of UT Site License

DNAStar Lasergene is an “all-in-one” commercial software package for molecular biology, genomics, and protein modeling

University of Tennessee owns an unlimited-user site license for DNAStar Lasergene. This includes access to the Molecular Biology and Protein Modeling packages.

To make use of this license, all you have to do is download the client software and link it to the UT Biology Lasergene License server… this is super easy


To install the license or to use the software, you have to either be on campus or connected to campus via VPN.


  1. Download:
  2. Install
    • When prompted, enter “” as a “Network” license


If you have a Windows installation, while on campus, you can “check out” a license by running the appropriate CommuterLicenseManager .exe file located in the Lasergene15 program folder on your hard-drive.  If you have a Mac and want to check out a license, contact and we will help get things working for you.


Learning Lasergene

DNAStar maintains a very rich collection of text and video tutorials at

Various Guides and Tutorials for Bioinformatics Skills


Getting started in any new field is always challenging.  This page contains links to helpful tutorials, cheat-sheets, tutorials, and guides in various fields.  Please contact me with suggestions!


(last updated Feb 21, 2019)


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