Additional DNA Sequencing Services

UT Genomics Core Facility

The Genomics Core houses additional equipment available for use.

Pippin Prep

The Pippin Prep performs automated gel extraction. Contact Core staff for information on available cassettes.


The Bioruptor uses ultrasound to fragment DNA. 

TapeStation & Bioanalyzer

The TapeStation and Bioanalyzer perform automated electrophoresis to quantify DNA and RNA and perform sample quality control.

The prices listed below are subject to change as material costs change. Troubleshooting may necessitate additional costs.

Cost/Pricing DetailsInternal University of Tennessee UserExternal academic userExternal non-academic user
Pippin Prep, unassisted (a)$10.00*$20.00*$30.00*
Pippin Prep, assisted (b)$49.00*$74.00*$81.00*
Bioruptor, unassisted (a)$10.00$20.00$30.00
Bioruptor, assisted (b)$20.00$30.00$40.00
TapeStation standard sensitivity, each sample
TapeStation high sensitivity, each sample
Bioanalyzer, High Sensitivity chips, 11 samples max
Bioanalyzer, standard sensitivity chips, 12 samples max

(a)  Unassisted use implies that the user has been previously trained on the instrument and is capable of performing all needed tasks without assistance from Core facility personnel

(b)  Assisted use implies that the user has not received instrument training and will require assistance from Core facility personnel for sample analysis

*Plus $55 for cassette costs, if not provided by the user

Services Contact

For further information on applications, project design, and pricing, please contact Veronica Brown at or 865-974-8080.  

Access to DNAStar Software

DNAStar is a powerful bioinformatics software package that provides sequence analysis, cloning and primer design as well as next-gen sequencing, gene expression, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and transcriptome analyses. This software is paid for by the Center for Environmental Biotechnology and the Departments of Microbiology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Genome Science & Technology. Faculty, staff, and students within these departments are provided free access to DNAStar.

If other departments or individual labs wish to gain access, please contact Renee Johnson (; 865-974-8080) to discuss payment options. Both PC and Mac versions are available. You can download a 14-day trial of DNAStar if you would like to test it before using.