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2020 Publications

  1. Bubier JA, Philip VM, Quince C, Campbell J, Zhou Y, Vishnivetskaya T, Duvvuru S, Hageman Blair R, Ndukum J, Donohue KD, Foster CM, Mellert DJ, Weinstock G, Culiat CT, O’Hara B, Palumbo AV, Podar M, Chesler EJ. 2020. A microbe associated with sleep revealed by a novel systems-genetic analysis of the microbiome in collaborative cross mice. Genetics 10.1534/genetics.119.303013:genetics.303013.2019.
  2. Chen G, Fisch AR, Gibson CM, Mack EE, Seger ES, Campagna SR, Loffler FE. 2020. Mineralization versus fermentation: Evidence for two distinct anaerobic bacterial degradation pathways for dichloromethane. ISME Journal doi:10.1038/s41396-019-0579-5.
  3. Conway M, Brumbaugh A, Xu T, Young A, Close D, Ripp S. Overview of in vivo imaging methods and instrumentation. In Barroso MM, Intes X (ed.), Imaging from cells to animals in vivo. Taylor & Francis Books, Inc., in press.
  4. Huangfu YC, Essington ME, Hawkins SA, Walker FR, Schwartz JS, Layton AC. 2020. Testing the sediment fingerprinting technique using the SIAR model with artificial sediment mixtures. Journal of Soils and Sediments 10.1007/s11368-019-02545-7.
  5. Xu T, Young A, Narula J, Sayler G, Ripp S. 2020. High-throughput analysis of endocrine disrupting compounds using BLYES and BLYAS bioluminescent yeast bioassays p. 29-41. In Ripp S (ed.), Methods in Molecular Biology – Bioluminescent Imaging, vol. 2081. Humana, New York, NY.
  6. Yip D, Kirkpatrick A, Xu T, Masi T, Stephenson S, Ripp S, Close D. 2020. Continuous and real-time in vivo autobioluminescent imaging in a mouse model, p. 191-201. In Ripp S (ed.), Methods in Molecular Biology – Bioluminescent Imaging, vol. 2081. Humana, New York, NY.
  7. Yu J, Conrad AO, Decroocq VS, Zhebentyayeva T, Williams DE, Bennett D, Roch G, Audergon J-M, Dardick C, Liu Z, Abbott A, Staton M. Distinctive gene expression patterns define endodormancy to ecodormancy transition in apricot and peach. Frontiers in Plant Science, in press.